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Royal Mail Large Letter Box

Royal Mail Large Letter Box

You will likely already be aware of the Pricing in Proportion (PiP) format that is used by Royal Mail to determine how much each size of package costs to send, as well as the weight of the package. In order to minimise your costs when sending packages through Royal Mail, you need packaging solutions that are suited to the Large Letter, Small Parcel, and Medium Parcel sizes readily available in your packing area. For items that need a little more protection during delivery, our range of Large Letter PiP boxes are ideal – with different shapes and sizes that fit within the dimensions set by Royal Mail.

In practical terms, Large Letter PiP boxes are perfect for protecting fragile items. Their rigid design provides much more protection than a polythene mail bag, and they are lightweight, so they won’t add unnecessary weight to the package. In addition, they are quick to assemble, and are easy to secure, so they won’t add time to the packing process. Delivered flat pack for assembly when they are required, they can be stored neatly too.

Cardboard mail boxes look professional, and are a great way to show your customers that you care about having sustainable packaging solutions, since they are infinitely recyclable. Each of our cardboard Large Letter PiP boxes is made from 100% recycled corrugated paper – and when the box has reached the customer, it can be disposed of in household recycling, or because they are also biodegradable, they can be added to compost waste.

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