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Postal Packaging

Postal Packaging

Sending customer orders through the post is an additional cost to your business, and so you need to ensure that you have the best type of postal packaging for the job. Lightweight is key, to minimise the costs, but you also need to think of the practicalities – do you need additional protection for fragile items, how quickly can the packaging be assembled, and so on, as well as complying with pricing conventions such as Pricing In Proportion (PiP).

Our range of postal packaging has all the options that you might possibly need, from padded envelopes right through to Royal Mail PiP boxes and crash lock eCommerce boxes, and mail bags. They’re all easy to use, with self-adhesive seals where appropriate, making it simple for your team to get those orders out the door as quickly as possible.  

We pride ourselves on supplying packaging materials that have as little environmental impact as possible, and as such all of our cardboard packaging – such as capacity envelopes, book wrap mailers and PiP boxes is made from 100% recycled materials. Where we use plastics for items such as mail bags, we use as much recycled material as possible, and ensure that they are suited to being recycled again.

If you’re looking for even more sustainable alternatives to plastic, then our eco-friendly range of postal packaging has items such as corrugated honeycomb envelopes (an alternative to plastic bubble envelopes) and compostable mail bags that can replace our recycled mail bags.

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