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Polythene & Paper Mailing Bags

Polythene & Paper Mailing Bags

There are a number of packaging options for getting customer orders to them safely and in one piece. Cardboard PiP boxes, envelopes and crash lock boxes can be an option, but if you’re sending items such as textiles that don’t need quite the same amount of protection, they can add extra costs to each order. For items such as clothing and bedding, polythene mail bags can be the most cost-effective packaging solution.

Our range of mail bags are available in a range of sizes, and are suitable for sending all kinds of items through the post. They’re a lightweight option that allows you to keep shipping costs to a minimum, and the seal and strength of the recycled plastic means that items will be kept completely free of moisture, water, and dust. Despite their lightweight nature, they’re incredibly durable, as well as being puncture and tear resistant – so they are suitable for sending internationally, as well as within the UK.

As you would expect, our range of polythene and paper bags is as environmentally responsible as we can make it, so you can feel good about the packaging materials you choose to buy from us. Our mail bags are made from 100% recycled LDPE that can be recycled again when the adhesive strip has been removed, and our garment bags contain a minimum of 30% recycled material. In addition to that, we’ve also developed a fully compostable mail bag that will impress your customers.

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