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Securing parcels and packages is an essential part of ecommerce and mail-order retail. Even where there is self-adhesive on the packaging, many businesses like to be double certain that they have secured packages – particularly when the package contains valuable products. Needing to reissue orders because items were lost or damaged in transit can become expensive, and cut into profits – which is never what business owners want to see!

In order to avoid further product losses, we haven’t just made our eco-friendly Kraft tape in natural brown, we’ve also created a Fragile version. This allows businesses to alert shipping companies to the fact there are breakable items in the package and to handle it with care, without needing to use additional resources in order to do so.

Our high quality, natural Kraft paper tape is ideal for businesses that are conscious of their impact on the environment. We’ve made it from recycled material, and it is designed to be completely biodegradable and compostable, so that however customers dispose of their packaging, it will be safe for the local environment.

In order to make it a simple environmentally friendly switch for businesses to make, we’ve designed our Kraft paper tape to be completely compatible with most tape accessories, including tape guns, carton sealers, and table dispensers that support 3-inch paper core. Despite building this compatibility, our Kraft paper tape is easy to tear, so it can be used without any accessories too.

For businesses that want to integrate their branding with their packaging in an inexpensive way, we can create branded Kraft paper tape – much like the tape you might see on an Amazon parcel. If this is of interest to your business, request a quote from us here.

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