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Honeycomb Products

Honeycomb Products

For businesses that want to emphasize exactly how much they care about the environment, and who are minimizing the amount of plastic they are using, Kraft paper honeycomb products are a great option.

Honeycomb wrap is a far more visually pleasing option compared with bubble wrap – especially combined with the white tissue interleaf. With the interlocking structure of the paper, you can wrap and protect orders of all shapes and sizes in much the same way that you can with bubble wrap, as well as eliminating the need for Sellotape for securing the padding, further reducing the dependence on plastic for your orders.

As the honeycomb wrap box, paper roll dispenser, and additional paper rolls are compact, they are a much more practical option in busy packing areas too, taking up significantly less storage space than bubble wrap. Each of our honeycomb paper rolls is 250 meters in length, which after cutting and stretching, adds up to a much greater length.  

Honeycomb products also offer an alternative to padded envelopes that use plastic bubble wrap. Our range of honeycomb envelopes is available in a range of sizes, are secure and tamper-evident, and are a better option than fiber padded mail envelopes, since the honeycomb paper doesn’t dust.

All our honeycomb products use high-quality Kraft paper, which is sustainable, biodegradable, and recyclable (when the glue strip is removed on the mailing envelopes) which makes it one of the best packaging choices you can make, both for the environment and your business.

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