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Sending pallets through any postal or courier service means that you need to pack the orders pretty carefully. You need to make sure your boxes and oddly shaped items don’t protrude over the edges of the pallet, as well as securing the pallet completely to ensure that items aren’t lost, damaged or stolen in transit. You might also need to conceal what is packed onto the pallet, to increase security and further deter opportunistic individuals from taking their chances because they have spotted something valuable.

When it comes to sending pallets through Amazon’s FBA pallet shipping for delivery to Amazon Fulfilment Centres, the regulations are pretty tight – which means you need access to the right equipment in your warehouse. Pallet wrap, bubble wrap and tape are all essentials, and you’re likely to need plenty of it! 

Our bubble wrap is made from recycled, and recyclable LDPE, which means that it can be disposed of responsibly, which means that it is much better for the environment. If you’re packing those expensive items, then you might need our black pallet wrap, which is available in two thicknesses and measures 250 metres (over 273 yards) – which means that you’ll get quite a few wraps before you need to change to a new roll. We’ve even thought about the needs of your business when it comes to packing tape – our clear tapes are 92 metres (100 yards!), meaning fewer roll changes when you’re preparing those pallets ready to go to Amazon.

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