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eCommerce Packaging

eCommerce Packaging

When we established SR Mailing as a specialist sustainable packaging retailer, we did so with eCommerce retailers in mind. We’ve been in the field for long enough that we completely understand the particular needs that eCommerce retailers have, and although each business is unique, we have a good understanding of what is likely to help, and why. Each time we begin to develop a new type of packaging product or solution, we’ve got the needs of eCommerce businesses in mind.

As you’d expect, our range of eCommerce packaging products has sustainability at the heart. Even where we’ve used plastics for the solutions that eCommerce businesses need, such as polythene mail bags, we’ve endeavoured to use as much recycled material as possible without impacting the integrity of the product.

Paper-based products make up a huge percentage of our eCommerce packaging range. You’ll find expandable envelopes, book wrap mailers and crash lockboxes, as well as boxes that fit within the Royal Mail Pricing In Proportion regulations.

We’re proud to be at the forefront of developing new sustainable products, and in recent years we’ve been proud to develop a completely compostable mail bag, as well as honeycomb wrap products, and to bring them to the UK for eCommerce retailers here to use in their business. We’re continuing to develop and refine our products that aren’t yet completely recycled, or are completely recyclable – and we’ll continue to do so, so all eCommerce retailers can feel great about their packaging solutions.

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