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Needing to reissue orders because your shipping company has accidentally damaged something while in transit is an expected risk, but it comes at significant cost to your business. Even if you have great insurance that you can recover costs, it goes without saying that you should take as many precautions as possible to mitigate that risk – your time is money, and dealing with insurance claims is almost always time consuming, after all. So when you’re sending orders to customers that include products that are fragile, or that need a bit more protection to keep them safe while they are being shipped, you need the right product for the job.

Plastic bubble wrap is a practical choice for cushioning all types of orders, since it is easily shaped around unusual shapes and sizes, and as much – or as little as is required can be used to ensure the safety of the product. It is quick and easy to use, with a high slip, and since it is incredibly light – it is filled with air, after all – it won’t increase your postage costs.  

While many people are turning away from using plastic altogether for the sake of the planet, if you still need bubble wrap for cushioning then finding one that is made from recycled materials is a better option. SR Mailing bubble wrap is made from recycled materials, and is also 100% recyclable, with biodegradable additives, which means that customers can add it to their local soft plastic collections.

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