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Best selling products

Best selling products

Have you ever wondered which products other businesses are buying? How do you know which are the best items of packaging? Well, you could ask us, and we could tell you, but the easiest way is to browse through our collection of bestselling items that more than 9,000 eCommerce clients purchase on a regular basis!

So what will you find in our collection of best selling items? Well, there’s a little bit of everything – from cardboard Royal Mail PiP boxes, to mail bags made from recycled plastic, tapes, padded bubble envelopes, garment bags, integrated labels, and tapes. But that’s not it – there are many, many other items that successful eCommerce businesses need in their packing areas. All of our products – including items like pallet wrap, thermal labels, document wallets – that make our hall of fame, are manufactured to the highest standards of eco-friendliness in mind – whether they’re made from recyclable materials, are recyclable, biodegradable, compostable, or all of the above!  In addition, we’ve also got reusable items like tape dispensers that are so durable and long-lasting that you’ll consider them an investment in your business.

When it comes to packaging, here at SR Mailing we’ve worked hard to ensure that packaging eCommerce orders is significantly better for our planet all round. When you think that we’ve been creating packaging solutions since 2014, and our goal is to be a complete zero waste packaging company by 2025, and you’ll start to understand the trajectory our business is on – and why you can have complete confidence in our products.

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