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Products that arrive with customers and have been damaged in transit don’t reflect well on your company – customers are understandably frustrated, and you end up with additional work to do. Issuing refunds, sending replacements, and liaising with the customer to ensure they end up feeling happy about the outcome of the situation takes up valuable time, and costs your business financially, as well as your reputation. That’s why getting the right in-box packaging solutions is so important.

When you’re sending fragile items, it is even more important to cushion them properly, to prevent breakages if the package is accidentally dropped or otherwise shocked. Bubble wrap works to a certain extent, but it isn’t a perfect solution – it takes up a lot of space in your packing area, for one thing, and you need extras like tape to keep it fixed, which takes up more of your team’s time. Our range of air pouches are designed with delicate items in mind, and because you’ll only need to inflate them when you need them, (our range includes a convenient low noise air inflator) they won’t take up excessive space in your packing area. Further, should one of the air pillars become damaged, the others won’t deflate, so the item in the pouch – whether it is a bottle of wine, a hard drive, or something else entirely – will continue to be protected.

As you’d expect, we’ve made our range of air pouches with the environment in mind, and they are all made from recycled materials, and can be added to plastic recycling facilities.

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