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Carefully wrapping your customer orders is an essential step in the eCommerce journey, and neglecting to do so can result in breakages, complaints, and negative reviews. That’s why careful business owners have their packing area set up with plenty of cushioning options, as well as strong packaging that can withstand long journeys with rough handling.

While bubble wrap, and paper based cushioning products are essential for your business, if you have particularly delicate items in your inventory, then inflatable cushioning may be necessary too – which means you need to decide how best to inflate them. Since hygiene reasons precludes us from blowing up cushioning in the same way that we would a balloon at home, then air inflators are a necessary addition to your packing area. You can use hand held air pumps, but if you’re dispatching hundreds of delicate items every day, you need a faster air inflator solution.  

As you would expect, our air inflators work perfectly with our range of air cushioning products. Depending on how many packages you’re dispatching each day, our low noise, hand-sized air compressor may be appropriate for your needs, while in busier packing areas, our auto inflator is a faster option for businesses that need larger amounts of air cushion products filling.

Compared to bubble wrap, our air fill products are significantly better for the environment – they use much smaller amounts of plastic than traditional void fill such as bubble wrap and polystyrene packaging peanuts. 

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