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As a business, you need to be able to protect the public, and your staff from any potential hazards. That means that you need an easy way to make people aware of any dangers as you deal with the problem, and prevent any potential injuries from occurring. Black and yellow vinyl tape is an excellent option that is easy to install, and most people are aware that it represents a danger, while the high contrast between the colours means that it is relatively easily seen.

Made from strong PVC for durability and longevity of use, our vinyl tape is resistant to humidity and chemicals, and at 130 microns thick, it isn’t likely to tear easily either. With super-sticky rubber-based adhesive, our black and yellow vinyl tape is simple to apply to clean, smooth surfaces, won’t work loose over time. That means it can be used for both temporary issues, and permanent risks such as trip hazards, and can be used safely both indoors and outdoors.

Vinyl tape is an incredibly affordable option for businesses to keep their staff and customers safe, and the low cost is well worth the investment when you consider the cost of compensation and the negative publicity that may result after injury.

SR Mailing vinyl tapes are compatible with most common tape accessories such as tape guns, carton sealers, and table dispensers that support 3-inch paper core. This means that alongside further information, it can be used for securing, and sending products that represent a potential hazard.  

Our vinyl tape is available in several designs, including standard yellow and black hazard tape. Should your business or organisation require bespoke vinyl tapes to alert your staff or customers to specific problems, we can produce these for you – simply get in touch for a quotation.

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