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When businesses are issuing hundreds, or even thousands of orders every day, their workflow needs to be as streamlined as possible. Customers expect their orders to arrive as early as the next day, and in perfect condition – and with that level of demand, every tiny holdup needs to be eliminated from the work flow. During peak season, that is even more essential to get right. One place that it is easy to reduce the holdups in the business is during the picking and packing process. Streamlining the packing area, and ensuring staff can do their jobs efficiently is essential.

We’ve all encountered the frustrating search for the end of the sticky tape when we have been using it at home, and for businesses, that time lost equals money. Tape dispensers help reduce this annoyance, and our range has several different types available, to help keep packing areas flowing. All our tape dispensers are easy to load with tape, and easy to use.  

Desktop tape dispensers are a solution that most businesses have several of in their packing spaces. Heavy duty tape dispensers feature double sided serrated blades that allow for easy tearing of the tape, as well as safety protection to prevent potential injury.

For even faster tape dispensing, handheld tape dispensers are the solution – which means that most retailers have several of these type in their packing area too. With an ergonomic design, sharp serrated blades and safety guards, handheld tape dispensers allow staff to seal packages quickly and safely. Their heavy duty design means that they will withstand drops from height.

We’ve fully tested the tape dispensers in our range, to ensure that they are the highest quality possible, and all are designed for use with most types of self-adhesive tapes, allowing businesses to load with whichever tape they require.

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