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Small Parcel

When Royal Mail changed their parcel pricing to Pricing in Proportion in 2006, retailers and packaging manufacturers knew that they needed to react if businesses were going to be able to save money when sending packages through the post. Since Royal Mail issued specific guidance about the maximum sizes that would be able to be sent, that allowed packaging companies to be able to create a range of boxes that would suit the Pricing in Proportion sizing.

Today, retailers use the Small Parcel size boxes for sending their customer orders as a matter of course, and there are a range of sizes available that count as Small Parcel, allowing businesses to choose the best size to protect the products that they are dispatching. Our Small Parcel boxes are quick and easy to assemble from flat pack, allowing businesses to store a range of sizes easily, and to put the right size box together in just a few seconds.

Not only are our Small Parcel boxes designed to be strong enough to withstand the rigours of being sent through the post, but they are also lightweight and durable. Combined with one of our packaging tapes, and if necessary, the right cushioning or void fill, Small Parcel boxes are a secure packaging solution that keeps orders as safe as possible at a price that simply makes sense for most businesses. They also look great, and can easily have branding applied by businesses using bespoke packaging tapes.

Our range of Royal Mail Small Parcel boxes are made from 100% recycled corrugated paper, are recyclable and are biodegradable and compostable. This allows businesses to show their customers that they care about the environment, as well as allowing the end customer to dispose of the box in an environmentally friendly manner.

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