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For businesses that are sending pallets, or for orders that simply need to be held together to keep them intact, pallet shrink wrap is a good solution – but being able to handle and use rolls of shrink wrap effectively can be tricky with just one person. That is where a shrink wrap holder comes into play – allowing team members (or the business owner themselves, as the case may be!) to complete the job of wrapping a pallet, or an order, without assistance.

Smaller packages and palettes that need to be held safely can be wrapped using 100 mm mini wrap rolls, but these rolls of plastic can be fiddly to deal with by themselves. By using a mini wrap holder, businesses can complete the shrink wraps on these shipments much more quickly and easily, without risking the film sticking to itself at the wrong moment – and they are suited to mini shrink wrap rolls with 38 mm core.

For larger shipments, a larger, and more heavy duty shrink pallet wrap holder may be necessary. Our metal pallet wrap dispensers are suitable for heavy duty use, but are lightweight and durable, and can be used with both 400 mm and 500 mm widths and all core sizes, whether black, or clear stretch shrink wrap is preferred.

If your business is sending shipments regularly that require shrink wrap, then the small investment in shrink wrap holders – either large or small – is likely to be well worth it in terms of the time saved when wrapping pallets. The team at SR Mailing have fully tested, and approved the superior quality shrink wrap holders that we sell, and we use them in our own warehouse locations too.

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