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Heavy Duty Single Wall Cardboard Boxes

Heavy Duty Single Wall Cardboard Boxes

When you need a strong box – whether to send something through the post, or simply for storage purposes – you’ll almost certainly find what you are looking for with our single wall, multiscored cardboard boxes. These single wall cardboard boxes are made from Kraft paper, and between the outer ‘wall’ layers, there is corrugated cardboard. This gives whatever is in the box much protection from bumps and knocks.

As an affordable, but heavy-duty solution, these multiscored cardboard boxes are incredibly popular with businesses that are sending fragile products to customers. That’s because, due to the scoring in the boxes, they can be adjusted to the appropriate height of the products to avoid them moving around inside the box during transit, this means that they are much more likely to survive rough handling by couriers or postal services. In comparison to the standard of single wall cardboard boxes, these are substantially stronger and are lined with kraft both inside and outside, making them more aesthetically pleasing and assuring that optimum strength is achieved.

These single wall cardboard boxes are an environmentally friendly option, and they are made from at least 70% recycled materials which is 40% more than industry standard. In addition to being made from recycled paper, they are biodegradable, which means they can be put in compost facilities or used safely in the garden, and can be recycled with most household kerb recycling programmes. They’re UK manufactured and are delivered to businesses flat packed, and by constructing boxes when they are needed rather than being delivered made up helps to reduce the environmental impact – and makes storing them easy too.

With all that additional strength, cardboard boxes can typically be used more than just once, further lowering their environmental impact, and making multiscored cardboard boxes are a great option when you need a strong, reliable packaging solution.

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