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文档包包钱包 2020

文档包包钱包 2020

When you’re preparing customer orders that are being sent through certain courier and postal services, there are procedures to follow. You need to ensure sufficient cushioning, as well as using a strong seal on the box, but in many cases, documents need to be readily available on the outside of the package. And that is even more true when you’re sending items internationally, where customs staff may need to identify the products within the order in order to determine whether additional duties are required.

Documents such as invoices and delivery notes often need to be easily accessible, such as where couriers need to be able to scan barcodes, or your B2B customer requires easy access to that paperwork. Where that is the case, our transparent polythene documents enclosed wallets that can be fixed to the outside of the package are the solution that you need. Not only do they provide easy access to paperwork, but they also help to ensure that those important documents are kept clean and dry throughout the journey to their destination.

Our range of documents enclosed wallets are available in a range of sizes, including A5, A6, and A7, and are made from transparent polythene with a self-adhesive backing. They are easy for team members to insert papers into, and to the self-adhesive peel and stick backing means that it is simple to affix the required documentation to the outside of the package, with no additional product (such as tape) required to secure it.

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