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箱袋 2020

箱袋 2020

For most businesses, it doesn’t matter how careful you are with recycling paper and plastics, you’re going to end up with some rubbish. You might have implemented all the steps in our guide to personal steps you can take to prevent global warming, and even deal with food scraps, and take soft plastics for recycling – but somehow, your non-recyclable bin fills up. Maybe you’re an environmentally responsible business and you do a litter pick around your area – and if so, we applaud you! Whatever your business is, whether you’re putting out a single bin bag a week for the local council to collect, or you’re emptying your bins more often, strong bin bags are a must.

Our bin bags are made from high quality polythene, and are suitable for general industrial use, as well as for use at home. Because we make them from low density material, they have premium strength and puncture resistance, and you can choose between our economy black bin bags at 140 gauge, or choose our heavy duty bin bags at 180 gauge. That means they’re not just great for keeping rubbish inside the bin bag, it means they are a bit more of a challenge for birds and vermin to chew through too.

When you’re buying bin bags from the supermarket, you generally buy smaller numbers on each roll – which is fine for at home. In places of business where more rubbish is generated, you’ll need larger numbers of bin bags, which is why we sell them in boxes of 200.

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