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If you’re looking to increase the eco-credentials of your business, then our range of recycled and recyclable mail bags might not go quite far enough – and if you want a sustainable packaging solution that is completely biodegradable, our 100% compostable black mailing bags may be the answer. Suitable for adding to either home or industrial compost, our compostable mail bags are printed with information that tells customers how to dispose of the mail bag, meaning that there is a greater chance that they will make it to compost bins.

Despite the fact that they are compostable – they’re made from 70% PBAT, 5% PLA, and 25% corn starch – that doesn’t make them any less strong than their polythene counterparts. Just as plastic mail bags are, our compostable mailing bags are moisture and dust resistant, and are puncture and tear resistant – so they’ll easily withstand being sent through the post, or less-than gentle courier services. In addition, the self-adhesive seal is tamper evident, and when the self-adhesive strip is peeled and sealed, the bag is permanently closed.

Aside from the fact that our compostable mailing bags are an environmentally responsible choice, they are also a practical choice. Because they are completely opaque, they’re ideal for sending orders where discretion is key, and they’re an easy packaging solution for your team to use – the peel and stick closure makes it quick and simple to get orders packed, and you can choose from two sizes – A4, and A3. Our compostable mailing bags have a shelf life of between 12 and 18 months post-production, making them perfect for busy businesses that care about the environment.

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