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Linn Academy 2017 |议程公布




经过数月的计划,Linn Academy团队非常高兴能与您分享完整的Linn Academy 2017年议程。今年的活动挤满了一些业内知名人士和品牌的演讲,以及一些宝贵的电子商务研讨会和与Linnworks专家进行的一对一技术会议。

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Legend 24/08/2017

thank you for the update.

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Kun Feng
Kun Feng is the foremost sustainable packaging expert who possesses the fundamental eco-knowledge and passion necssary to drive new levels of eCommerce growth without compromising people, the planet, or the economy. 

As the co-founder and managing director of SR Mailing, He has successfully helped over 9,000 eCommerce businesses transform into sustainable suppliers and takes pride in being able to offer eco-friendly packaging solutions that bolster eCommerce reputation and scalability, all while supporting the bigger picture along the way.

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Kun Feng

Managing Director