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February 2021 Industry News

Please see below relevant packaging industry news and updates. In this month’s updates we cover the ongoing cardboard shortage, port issues and new technology helping us become an Eco-friendlier packaging world.

EU aims to be climate neutral by 2050. This may have you wondering what other companies are doing in order to achieve this, Nestle aims to reduce packaging waste from its cereal by using 13-15% less packaging than before. They have also have reduced plastic packaging from their Smarties sweet packets whilst also aiming to use less lorries for transportation saving on emission.  The hope is that other confectionery companies will follow and reduce use of unnecessary plastic.

February 2021 Industry News | SR Mailing

Cardboard shortage continues

Whilst England is still in lockdown, we are still seeing a shortage in cardboard material. With more cardboard ending up in landfills rather than recycling centers, companies are struggling to access materials. Businesses are having to come up with innovative solutions to pack their products safely. Due to all of this material shortage and due to high demands costs are increasing leading wholesales to increase their prices too. End user are also seeing longer wait times for bespoke products some are having to wait up to 3 months.

February 2021 Industry News | SR Mailing

Food packaging sees a plastic free future.

New technology has helped develop compostable packaging that will let fresh produce have longer shelf life whilst being completely Eco-friendly as it doesn’t release any toxic chemicals whilst biodegrading. If this is adapted by supermarkets, we can hope to reduce plastic in the biggest wasteful plastic packaging industry in the UK.

February 2021 Industry News | SR Mailing


Brexit negotiations are still ongoing as Northern Ireland check points have added tighter restrictions. Tensions arise at the Northern Ireland ports are delayed even further as check points are having to close after threats towards staff.  An open border policy was agreed between EU and Northern Ireland in the Brexit withdrawal agreement, with no controls on exported goods. This was to prevent a hard border being created on the island of Ireland, however instead we are seeing checks on goods travelling from Great Britain to NI, this is because Northern Ireland remains part of the EU’s single market for good whilst the rest of the UK has left.

February 2021 Industry News | SR Mailing

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