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B/00 Padded Bubble Envelope in White



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  • Smooth inner lining allows for easy product insertion, increasing efficiency.
  • Offer secure and cost effective protection.
  • Constructed from a heavy duty kraft paper for more protection when a little extra is needed
  • Convenient self adhesive strip. Once sealed, it requires the envelope to be ripped open in order to attain the good inside.
  • FSC Certified.
  • High quality Sancell air bubble cushioning.
  • Protects against shock and vibrations of fragile products and more.
  • Lightweight, economical and practical, reducing postal costs. 
  • Accommodates small items such as jewellery, watches and cosmetics.

External Dimensions: 140 x 225mm

Internal Dimensions: 110 x 210mm

B/00's are packed in boxes of 200 pieces. Easy for storage and delivery. Buy more, save more!