PiP Boxes

On August 21st 2006 Royal Mail introduced Pricing in Proportion (PiP), a system where the postage costs are calculated based by size and weight.

Since this introduction, all posted items are divided into four categories: Letter, Large Letter, Small Parcel and Medium Parcel. Each postage format has a certain limit which the parcel cannot exceed in terms of: weight, length, width, and depth; parcels exceeding these limits will be charged in the next price bracket.

So, what makes PiP boxes so popular? Our range of PiP boxes are manufactured from single wall 125K&T E/B Flute corrugated board. PiP large letter boxes are designed to provide maximum protection for your products, whilst helping you save postal costs through the benefit of sending your parcels out as “large letter” and avoiding the small parcel rate as indicated under Royal Mail’s PiP guideline. Additionally, our small parcel PiP boxes are intended to be used when avoiding medium parcel rates.

The boxes are quick and easy to assemble in addition to being lightweight and durable.

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Under Royal Mail’s sizing guide, all items must pass freely through the appropriate slot. For large letter size, the maximum weight is 750g, maximum length is 35.3cm, maximum width is 25cm, and maximum thickness/depth is 2.5cm.

For small parcel, the maximum weight is 2kg, the maximum length is 45cm, the maximum width 35cm, and the maximum depth is 16cm.

Any parcels that exceed these limits will be charged in the next price bracket up, for example, if your large letter parcel exceeds any of the limits mentioned above, you will be charged small parcel rates.

For this particular reason, PiP boxes are ideal in order to ensure your parcel stays within the limits of large letter or small parcel, saving you postage costs.

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