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100% Recyclable Heavy Duty White Mail Bag

100% Recyclable Heavy Duty White Mail Bag

White Mailing Bags. Mailing bags are a popular way for businesses to send orders out to customers where additional padding is not required to keep the product safe, or where the shape of the product means that the business needs to use bespoke padding like bubble wrap anyway. They help to keep the product protected from the elements, and are moisture resistant – which is perfect when sending to customers in the UK, or worldwide, particularly to countries where the weather can’t be predicted!

Our white mailing bags are available in several sizes, and are suitable for Royal Mail Pricing in Proportion sizes, including Royal Mail Large Letter and Small Parcel. They offer retailers and ecommerce businesses excellent value for money, and keep orders secure.  

Businesses often choose white mailing bags for orders where the customer’s privacy needs to be maintained, since they are completely opaque, and are puncture proof and tear proof. The sealing strip on our white mailing bags is permanent and it is clear if the package has been tampered with at all. Even with rough handling by couriers and postal services, there is very little chance that the product inside the mail bag will be exposed by accident, or become loose from the package. This allows retailers to send orders with confidence, and combined with the best type of integrated labels for the business, helps to reduce the chances of needing to reissue orders.  

SR Mailing white mailing bags are made from three layers of polythene film, which produced using co-extrusion technology and manufactured from 50-60 microns thickness (220 -240 gauge), makes them so strong. They are completely recyclable, and we’re working to improve the sustainability of them, to enable them to become biodegradable and compostable.

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