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Value Tape

Value Tape

eCommerce businesses often need a lot of high quality tape to ensure packages remain sealed throughout their journey to customers – and in some cases, they’ll double up on security, using even when they’re sealing a box that has self-adhesive. That’s understandable when you consider how much additional time it can cost your business if items get lost!

When buying tape for your eCommerce business, you want the best value tape that you can get. Our clear, transparent tape is excellent quality at 40 microns thick, which means you won’t encounter those annoying splits and tears while you’re applying it – saving you time and ensuring that the whole of the roll can be used. Further to this, we’ve ensured that the super sticky adhesive backing is high quality, and because our clear transparent tapes have a width of 5 centimetres, you won’t have to double up on the amount of tape that you need to ensure a good seal, whether you’re sending a small parcel, or you’re packing a removals box.

We’ve increased the value in our tapes further too, by providing a massive 150 metres of tape on each roll, rather than the 92 metres that our premium tapes have, and the 66 metres that most clear tapes from other manufacturers have. This means that your team won’t have to reach for a replacement roll anywhere near as often as they would otherwise, keeping the packing area working efficiently and your customers happy.

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