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Special Offers

Special Offers

Just as with all retail businesses, here at SR Mailing, there are times that we want to be able to actively promote some of our products, give our sales a boost, and to give our business customers a good reason to buy a product.

As you’ll be aware, there are always plenty of reasons for businesses to run special offers for their customers. In our case, it may be because we have been able to produce a greater number of a certain item in our factories in China. Perhaps it is because we have misjudged how popular a certain type of product will be with our customers – we’re only human, after all! Sometimes, it is because we’re launching a new product, and we want to encourage our customers to experience first-hand just how incredible that product is – but we know that in many cases, customers prefer to stick to their tried-and-tested favourites. In those cases, we employ the financial incentive and discount the item in order to persuade our customers to give the item a go.

Sometimes, our special offers will look like us applying discounts to our products, sometimes it will be a multi buy option. We might decide to run a limited time offer, or it might be while our supplies last. You know the types of offers we are likely to run – because they are very likely to be the same types of special offers that you create for your own customers. While they might be the same types of offers, they still provide excellent value, and that means that when we are running a special offer here at SR Mailing, it is very likely to be worth your while taking advantage of!

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