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Small Packaging

Small Packaging

When dispatching orders for small products through the post or with a courier, it is essential to have the right sized packaging – particularly where, as in the case of sending with Royal Mail, the size of the package has a direct impact on the cost of sending. Royal Mail Pricing in Proportion means that getting the right sized package is essential, or the costs increase – which cuts into profit margins.

For sending products, Royal Mail PiP boxes are the preferred outer packaging for many businesses, as both large letter cardboard boxes, and small parcel cardboard boxes allow retailers to save money. Our range of Royal Mail PiP boxes are strong and lightweight, can be assembled from flat pack in seconds, and combined with a great packaging tape (perhaps a bespoke, branded packaging tape) and the necessary cushioning, are an excellent packaging option. Not only that, but as they are made from 100% recycled corrugated paper, are recyclable and are biodegradable and compostable, they are also a great environmentally friendly packaging option too.  

It isn’t just the outer packaging that retailers need to consider though – it is important that packaging for products inside the box, or mailing bag is used to ensure the safety of the items, particularly for delicate items such as jewellery, makeup, or small electronics.

Our range of clear garment bags offer the protection delicate items need, keeping them free from dust and water, are super-strong to withstand the demands of being in transit, and are extremely lightweight, allowing businesses to save on postal costs. For businesses that are using the Fulfilled By Amazon (FBA) programme, our range of clear garment bags comply with Amazon’s requirements.

As you’d expect from products from SR Mailing, our clear garment bags are recyclable (when the glue strip has been removed) and contain a minimum of 30% recycled materials – and we’re working to improve that, while maintaining the integrity of the bags.

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