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Sharp, pointed, or otherwise a safety concern

Sharp, pointed, or otherwise a safety concern

With the seemingly infinite numbers of products that retailers need to be able to send to their customers, so the number of packaging solutions required grows. With products that are sharp, pointed, or otherwise a safety concern, orders need to be packaged even more carefully. Items like glass bottles, laptops and computer parts, and products that contain food or drink need to be protected – not only to ensure that they get to the end customer in one piece, but to protect the delivery personnel from being potentially severely injured.

Bubble wrap has been a necessity for retailers that are dispatching orders of delicate products since it was invented in 1957. Because it is light weight, and if one bubble is damaged, the others surrounding it aren’t, it is ideal for sending delicate items by post. Our bubble wrap has come a long way since the early incarnations, and we make our bubble wrap from recycled plastics, and so that it can be recycled by the customer when they receive it. Despite it now being a sustainable option, it retains the same qualities that bubble wrap was designed to encompass all those years ago.  

For items that need to be protected from shocks, our air pouches are an excellent option for cushioning. Inflated on-site when the business needs them, they are easy to store, lightweight, and provide enhanced protection from drops and rough handling. As you’d expect, our air pouches are made from recycled materials, and can be recycled.

Outer packaging needs to be considered too – and with sharp, pointed, or otherwise a safety concern items, cardboard boxes are often the right solution, since they are strong, and provide an extra layer of protection to keep the item safe. Paired with packaging tape printed with the word Fragile, this is an affordable, effective way to send sharp, pointed, or otherwise a safety concern items.

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