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30% Recycled CPP Clear Bags

10x12" CPP Transparent Packaging Bag with Warning Labels Printed

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Price Breakdown:

Size (inch) Qty Opt Price/Unit
10 x 12 1 Pack £0.0205
10 Packs £0.0188
1 Box £0.0173
3 Boxes £0.0161
5 Boxes £0.0150
10 Boxes £0.0141

Product Name: CPP Transparent Packaging Bag

Material: CPP 100% Brand New Material

Product Dimension: 10x12inch 

Product Packaging: 100 PCS/Pack

Product Application:

  • Ideal for packing items such as: garments, jewelry bags, gifts, electronics, DVD's and more.
  • We have a variety of sizes to cater to your packaging needs.
  • Extremely lightweight, minimising postal costs.
  • Manufactured using 100% brand new material.
  • 30 microns thick.
  • Extremely strong, providing incredible durability to ensure safe transit.
  • Waterproof and burst proof.
  • Contains a self-adhesive strip, once peeled and sealed it is very difficult to open.
  • Contains an air release hole to ensure an odourless package for the customer.
  • Fully FBA compliant, complies with all of Amazon's Requirements.
  • Suffocation Warning Labels printed in 5 languages.

Using Instruction:

  1. Make sure you have the correct sized clear bag to put your goods in from our range of sizes.
  2. Place the item intended to be shipped out to the buyer inside our clear cellophane bag.
  3. Remove the self-adhesive strip.
  4. Seal the adhesive strip onto the cellophane bag.
  5. Place the sealed bag, into one of our mailing bags that fits your item.
  6. Place the shipping label onto the parcel.
  7. Your parcel is now ready to be shipped out to the buyer!
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