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Powders, pellets, and granular materials

Powders, pellets, and granular materials

There are some products that are simply hard to find the right packaging solution for. Powders, pellets, and granular materials are certainly not easy to package, and they need specific solutions to ensure that the customer receives the goods in one piece – and not arriving loose, having been lost from the outer packaging.

Our clear garment bags are made in a range of different sizes, are dust and waterproof, and are extremely strong to ensure that they will survive long journeys. We’ve tested them, and they are puncture resistant, despite their extremely lightweight nature, and at 30 microns thick, they won’t add unnecessary weight and expense when sending inside mailing envelopes or boxes.

The clear garment bags in the SR Mailing range are suitable to be used by businesses that are using the Fulfilled By Amazon (FBA) programme – we have ensured that they comply with all of Amazon’s stringent requirements. Considering that Amazon sets some of the highest requirements in the industry, there’s little surprise that our clear garment bags are used by many ecommerce businesses.

Of course, our clear garment bags aren’t only suited to powders, pellets, and granular materials – they are also suitable for holding clothing, jewellery, gift items and so on, making them a flexible packaging solution for businesses with a wide range of products. They’re also incredibly low cost, at just a fraction of a penny each, meaning that businesses can minimise their costs by using garment bags too.  

Our garment bags are made from cast polypropylene (CPP film) and contain a minimum of 30% recycled material. We’re working to improve that figure, and in the meantime, as long as the glue strip has been removed, they are suitable for recycling.

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