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Medium Parcel

Medium Parcel

With the rise of eCommerce, Royal Mail implemented their Pricing In Proportion (PiP) format in 2006, so that pricing could take into account both the size and weight of packages being sent by post, and that format continues today. Since speed is of the essence when packing orders, having packaging available that suits the different sizes – Large Letter, Small Parcel, and Medium Parcel – is an essential step for businesses.

Our range of Medium Parcel PiP boxes are different shapes and sizes within the dimensions set by Royal Mail, so that you have the perfect size box available to you. They are ideal for sending delicate products through the post, as they are durable and difficult to damage – even during transit – and have space to add cushioning products to maintain the safety of the item.

When customers receive a cardboard box, there is no question about how they will dispose of it – they already know that they can add it to their household recycling, or add it to their compost bin for it to biodegrade naturally. Our range of Medium Parcel boxes are made from 100% recycled paper, and for many customers, eco-friendly packaging is an important consideration if they are to buy from you again.

Medium Parcel boxes are an excellent option for businesses, since they are relatively inexpensive, and look professional. When packing, they are quick and easy for your team to assemble, and are easy to secure, with just a little tape required for a tamper-evident seal.

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