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Grip Seal Bags

Grip Seal Bags

Widely referred to as Ziplock bags, self-sealing bags, and gripper bags, grip seal bags are reusable plastic bags that have a wide range of uses for retail businesses, from holding individual products such as smaller items of clothing, to packaging numbers of smaller items. They’re strong, quick, and easy to use, and provide reasonable security in that they allow you to store products without risk of losing items.

Grip seal bags are available in clear, opaque, and semi-opaque styles. SR Mailing grip seal bags are completely clear, which allows you complete visibility of the items in the bag – perfect to ensure the right number is included in orders. Since they are sealable, they keep products free of dust and are perfect for maintaining hygiene of items such as jewelry, cosmetic items, and foodstuffs. They are also ideal for inside mailing bags, helping to keep the items safe from unintentional dirt, and water damage while they are in transit.

Our range includes a number of sizes, which means that businesses can use the exact size that they need – and their size means that they are easily stored in the parking area. SR Mailing grip seal bags are manufactured in our own factories and are produced using 100% recyclable LDPE material. This means that in many cases, it is possible for customers to add to their curbside recycling, or they can be added to one of the many soft plastic recycling facilities when they have finished with it.

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