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Fragile products, particularly those that contain glass require specialist packing solutions, and when you consider the potential cost that replacing items that are broken in transit can add up to, it isn’t worth sending those items without significant padding and void fill to keep them safe. Items like bottles of wine, and tech items like laptops, mobile phones and hard drives are expensive – which means that you need the right packaging solutions to ensure that products are intact when they arrive at their final destination.

Strong outer packaging is a necessary place to start – and our range of cardboard Royal Mail Pricing In Proportion (PiP) boxes are ideal. By using PiP boxes, you won’t just be protecting orders when they’re in transit, you’ll also be saving on postage costs, as well as being environmentally conscious. Our range of Royal Mail PiP boxes are made from 100% recycled material, as well as being recyclable, biodegradable, and compostable – and most customers know exactly how to dispose of cardboard responsibly.

Inside the package is just as important, and we have everything you need to ensure the security of fragile items during delivery. Our self-inflatable air pouches are recyclable, are available in the exact sizes that you need, and since they are inflated when you need them, you won’t need extra storage for them. For additional void fill, our green air cushioning is a great option, and of course, for everything else, there’s bubble wrap – ours is made from recycled and recyclable LDPE.

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