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As you will know if you’ve looked into using the Fulfilled By Amazon (FBA) service, Amazon has specific, and very exacting standards that they require retailers to abide by when sending items to Amazon’s fulfilment centres. Considering that products that aren’t properly packed incur additional fees when they arrive at the fulfilment centre, it makes sense to get them packaged correctly before they leave your location. However, for businesses that are new to using FBA for their orders, it can be simpler to order from a specific set of products when they’re setting up – which is why we’ve curated this collection, so you can be certain you’ll always have the right items to hand.

Our collection of packaging products that are suitable for products being sent to FBA fulfilment centres includes black, white, and grey recycled mail bags, garment bags, clear tapes, bubble wrap and pallet wraps, as well as our cardboard PiP boxes. These all meet Amazon’s packaging and prep requirements, so that you can pack, and send them with confidence that you shouldn’t encounter additional charges.

But having your orders fulfilled by Amazon doesn’t mean that you have to completely disregard the environment – on the contrary. As you’d expect from SR Mailing, our range of products that are suitable for FBA are made from recycled, or recyclable materials (or both!) as far as possible, and we continue to work make our range even more sustainable, meaning that you can buy with confidence.  

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