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Baby products

Baby products

For businesses that are selling products for babies, it is even more crucial that items reach the new parents in perfect condition. That means keeping products completely sealed, free of dust and contamination from smells, and totally hygienic – even though the majority of parents will wash and sterilise everything they give their new-born anyway. You’ll have items such as baby grows and sleep suits, as well as feeding products like bottles – not to mention soft, snuggly bedding and plenty of cuddly toys – and they need to be immaculate, and free of odours during storage and transit.

Keeping your inventory of products for babies is much easier when you have the right packaging. In most cases, you’re going to be looking at using plastic garment bags – they are waterproof, and keep any dust out too, both in storage and in transit. While plastic isn’t the greatest for the environment, it is the best solution for this purpose – so ensure that you choose the best possible option. Our range of garment bags are made from CPP film that contains a minimum of 30% recycled materials, and can be recycled again by adding to soft plastic recycling.

In practical terms, they’re a great option for your business too. They are lightweight, so they won’t add to your postage costs, are inexpensive, and our printed styles are suitable if you’re using Fulfilled By Amazon (FBA) services – we’ve designed them so that they are completely compliant with all of Amazon’s requirements.

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