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Apparel, fabric, plush, and textiles

Apparel, fabric, plush, and textiles

Selling clothing, bedding, towels, and fabric accessories is a great business to be in, but there are a lot of practicalities to take care of. You’ll need plenty of storage, and of course, keeping all those lovely items clean and dry, as well as free of odours is essential – so choosing the right product packaging is key to the success of your business.

Our range of plastic garment bags has plenty of choice – we’ve created different sizes, all at an affordable price, so you can always have the right size for each product to hand. Packing your items in garment bags couldn’t be easier either, which means your team can pack items and have them ready for customer orders in no time. Simply place the item in the bag, seal it with the self-adhesive strip, and label it, and they can be placed in the warehouse location ready for picking.

If you’re using Fulfilled By Amazon (FBA) services, we’ve got you covered too. Our range of garment bags are printed with suffocation warnings, are compliant with Amazon’s regulations, and are made from CPP film that is strong enough to withstand transit. Your customers are unlikely to encounter undesirable smells too, since we’ve added an air release hole to prevent those happening.  

For businesses that need plastic garment bags but want to do better in terms of the environment, our range is made from a minimum of 30% recycled materials, and are recyclable (when the glue strip has been removed), so the end customer can add them to their local soft plastic recycling facility, reducing the impact on the planet.

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