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All Type Lables

All Type Lables

In ecommerce, speed is the key to the success of a business – getting orders out to customers as quickly as possible is essential. To be able to do that means ensuring that every process needs to be done as efficiently as possible too. Most ecommerce businesses are extremely adept at using integrations for their marketplaces, their shipping solutions – but when it comes to the offline processes, sometimes they’re just that little bit slower, which is where printing labels comes in.

Printed address labels is the preferred method of addressing packages today. It is much faster, and helps to eliminate spelling errors, and means that the postal service or courier is much more likely to deliver to the correct address too – there’s no room for error that there is with poor handwriting! However, printing shipping labels and customer invoices or packing sheets separately isn’t a perfect solution either, and so using integrated labels means that businesses can streamline and speed up their dispatch processes even further.

Integrated labels are made up of a single integrated sheet with one self-adhesive label on an A4 laser guaranteed, white 90 gsm PEFC sheet. As the sheet is printed, the address label is removed and stuck to the outside of the package, and the rest of the sheet is placed alongside the order inside the package.

Our integrated labels are suitable for retailers that use Royal Mail Click and Drop, and work with most ecommerce systems, so you can create the desired effect for your labels. Many businesses like to create a personalised message for their customers, including their logo and other branding, a message of thanks, social media handles, or advertising special offers. When every point of contact with ecommerce customers counts, using your integrated label to connect with them is a low cost move that will reap returns.  

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