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Adult products

Adult products

Selling adult products is a lucrative business, but sending customer orders isn’t as straightforward as with other product categories. Discretion is key – customers don’t want their delivery driver, or their neighbour who accepts the package on their behalf knowing what their personal lives entail. Whether you’re selling adult toys, lingerie, or sexual wellness products, they need to be concealed when they are on their way out to the customer.

Royal Mail PiP boxes are ideal for sending adult products – cardboard being a perfectly discreet solution, but they aren’t the right solution for every order. Our range of products includes opaque mail bags that are ideal for smaller items and clothing, as well as opaque pallet wraps for dispatching to B2B customers.

Our range of mail bags are available in three colours, white, black, and grey, and their thickness and colour means that confidentiality can be maintained – which is essential for orders of adult products. In addition, they keep items clean and free of moisture, and we’ve designed them with rough handling in mind. Each one is made up of three layers of film, and we’ve tested them for puncturing and tearing, yet they are lightweight, so won’t add to your postage costs.

As you’d expect from SR Mailing, we’ve manufactured our range of packaging solutions for adult products with the environment in mind. Our mail bags are made from recycled Low-Density Polyethylene (LDPE) that can be recycled again, and we’re working towards even more sustainable packaging solutions

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