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100% Recycled White Mail Bag

100% Recycled White Mail Bag

Our white recycled mail bags are also a sustainable option, as well as being a practical choice for your business. We make them in our own factories, from 100% recycled low-density polyethylene (LDPE), and when the adhesive strip has been removed, they are recyclable too. And not only are they a sustainable option, but they are also a wise choice for your business.

They look professional, and are available in a range of sizes that are suited to Royal Mail’s Pricing In Proportion (PiP), and because they are completely opaque, they are ideal for sending any and all orders, but particularly those that require complete confidentiality – such as personal items or adult products.

Since they are made from three layers of polythene film, they are incredibly robust and durable, as well as being puncture and tear resistant. Despite this, they are lightweight, allowing you to minimise shipping costs – and the self-adhesive is tamper evident, so once it has been sealed, it will be clear to customers that their item has arrived as intended. Additionally, the seal and the strength of the LDPE means that orders that are dispatched in our recycled mail bags will be protected from moisture, water, and dust.  

Our recycled postal bags are easy to store, with 100 units in a slimline box, and they are incredibly easy for staff that are packing orders. Simply place the item in the bag, remove the strip from the adhesive, and seal – and the order is ready to send.

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